Between Reception and Year 9 we do not follow the National Curriculum at Bethany School because we are committed to developing our own distinctively Christian curriculum, based upon biblical principles. However, we will continue to keep abreast of current educational thought, sift and weigh it and be discriminating in its use. The whole school, including the curriculum, comes under the scrutiny of the government’s schools inspectors. Inspections of the school have resulted in very encouraging and complimentary comments. Parents are committed to actively supporting and building on the work done in the school curriculum.
























The curriculum of Bethany School is broadly based on nine themes found in the early chapters of the book of Genesis. Each theme provides the starting point for one term’s work, developed initially by parents and teachers and followed, as part of a three year cycle, at an appropriate level, by all pupils from Reception to Year 9. 






















The process of developing curriculum material which is based on a biblical worldview is continually challenging our thinking. We recognise the idolatry of the humanistic worldview which focuses on the physical realm, refuses to develop culture and civilisation to the glory of God but instead encourages man to rule and master ‘nature’ to the glory of himself. We also recognise that humanistic education is not unprejudiced or value-free and we believe that constant exposure to the modern secular curriculum will initiate our children into an understanding of life that is hostile to the biblical worldview.


Therefore, we are seeking to add to the work of many Christians who are seeking to rethink and redirect education in the light of a Christian version of life. We offer this approach with a genuine spirit of humility, acknowledging the high aims to which we aspire, the limitations of our gifts and the weakness of our finite minds. However, we trust God for His continued providence and enabling and thank Him for opportunities for work in his service.