Bethany School, Sheffield, Christian Family Schools

Careers information / Work Experience

Bethany School will arrange visits from careers organisations (e.g. National Apprenticeship Service) and individuals from different spheres of work to give the pupils as much information as possible about different career options. Prior to the autumn open evenings for the Sheffield schools and colleges, staff will discuss the different post 16 options available to pupils. At this meeting staff will provide timetables of the various open evenings and copies of the relevant application forms. The school has a small library of careers resources which are freely available to pupils in the GCSE classroom. 


Bethany School will make arrangements for GCSE children to obtain personal and specific careers advice of an impartial nature from an independent careers advisor, (e.g. Sheffield Futures

Bethany school sets aside one week during the spring term to enable work experience for Year 10 pupils. Parents are expected to organise a suitable placement for their child although the school is happy to help with this. Bethany school will need to be informed where the placement will be so that the suitability of the placement can be assessed.

The following websites provide impartial careers advice...