A T T I T U D E S 


Pupils must demonstrate the utmost respect for our building at all times. Keeping the building clean and tidy, taking care not to cause damage to the building or to school property or personal property and, wherever we can, trying to improve our surroundings, all demonstrate a proper attitude to our possessions and our environment.



At all times pupils should have a high level of self-respect. Keep yourself smart, clean, neat and tidy. Modest and appropriate clothing should be worn. Short skirts, revealing tops and bare midriffs are not suitable for school. Simple, sensible, and comfortable school clothing (including footwear) should contrast with what may be considered more fashionable ‘street’ clothing our children may change into when not in school. Wearing jewellery can create difficulties and if worn, a single stud or sleeper in a pierced ear, a single ring and a wristwatch is considered appropriate. Wearing make-up, including nail varnish is not permitted and hair dyed in bright colours is unacceptable in school.



One of the many good things at Bethany School is the minimal peer‑pressure our children feel to be excessively fashion or brand conscious. We want to maintain this happy atmosphere and discourage competition or ill feeling between pupils regarding clothing and possessions. Most of all be thankful for your God-given individuality, the talents, gifts and abilities which He has given you and trust Him when you feel your weaknesses.



The School will assist parents in promoting these attitudes and help parents to monitor what their children wear to school. We have deliberately chosen not to have a school uniform but that does not mean ‘anything goes’. Please work with your children to maintain high standards of appearance.



Pupils will be expected to care for each other. Be kind! Be helpful! Look out for those who might be unhappy, include them in what you are doing. Pray for one another. Have fun together — this is much better than arguments. Be very careful about how you speak — your words can be very powerful. Even an unkind look can be hurtful. Physical violence is unacceptable at all times. In all of these areas boys have a special responsibility towards the girls and older children towards younger children.



As people get older they should receive increasing respect for their age, experience, wisdom and knowledge — particularly those adults who believe, and are trying to follow, the truth of the bible. At all times, the adults who come to our school must be treated with courtesy and respect. Children should be kind, helpful and friendly. Look for opportunities to demonstrate these characteristics!



God is our heavenly Father. If we love and trust Him we should try to glorify and honour Him by our obedience to His word. God is very real and precious to families and friends involved with Bethany School and we all, at all times, children and adults, should try to live in such a way that acknowledges His presence amongst us.

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