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Bethany School, Sheffield, Christian Family Schools


Why some parents apply to Bethany School


Many parents have concerns about sending their children to a state school. They may not be able to afford to send their children to a fee-paying school. They may be attracted to Bethany School because of the small classes, excellent examination results, parental involvement, caring approach and happy atmosphere. Many will value having a Christian ethos. Their children may fear problems in other schools, or have had bad experiences in such schools. Children and parents benefit from the loving concern of Bethany families. Many families find the school’s generosity a wonder and a delight.

The Financial Commitment


Bethany School receives no financial support from the government. We rely upon the sacrificial giving of each family who, after discussions with the school, will agree on an appropriate level of financial commitment.


However, the running costs of the school are substantial and almost all our income comes from the families involved with the school, supplemented by gifts from friends and occasional grants from financial trusts. Gifts are generally given on a monthly basis, by standing order and if possible, using a gift aid scheme.


Essential requirements


The school’s Annual Commitments form clearly states the wider costs of involvement. They are not optional, but represent the emotional, physical and financial costs of involvement with Bethany. Parents/guardians sign these promises annually to commit themselves to aspects of school life. It is a positive reinforcement of the principle that Bethany School exists to help parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their own children. In addition to the financial commitment these commitments include:


  • Attendance by one parent at 'Family Afternoon' every Wednesday afternoon.

  • Attendance at the six annual parents meetings.

  • Families must endeavour to attend School Camp, held during the last week of the summer term.


Opportunities For Service


In addition to the financial and time commitments that all parents sign up to, there are many opportunities to serve within school. Family involvement is foundational to Bethany School. Bethany is a school where parents aim to be involved with the education of their children, and there are numerous opportunities for this. These include: 


  • Taking morning prayers

  • Running a Lunch Club (table tennis, cross country, drama, etc.)

  • Become a classroom helper

  • Mounting display work

  • Changing towels and toilet rolls

  • Cleaning around the school

  • Helping at Christian Union 

  • Fundraising

  • Attending worknights (DIY)

  • Become a Governor

  • Help with computers

  • Listen to readers

  • Class outings

  • Classroom teaching


Most families will find an opportunity to serve the school in an area which best suits their skills and which will often develop previously hidden talents.

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