D U R I N G  S C H O O L 

Bethany School, Sheffield, Christian Family Schools

The school day begins

The school day begins at 8:30am so please try to arrive at school by 8.20am. Children should wait in the yard until 8:20am when the outside doors will be opened. Football, skateboards and running around games are not allowed at this busy time. Children in the infant classes who arrive early must be supervised until 8.20am. If wet, pupils may go straight to their classrooms. When you arrive in your classroom the class teachers will explain the procedure. Typically, you will sit down at your desk, organise some work and wait quietly for registration until you are sent for prayers (just before 8:30am).



Punctuality will be monitored and those who arrive after 8:30am will be marked down as late. Occasional lateness due to oversleeping or heavy traffic etc. is always excused but poor punctuality is a serious problem. Regular lateness will be reported to parents. Please help towards the smooth opening of the day by being careful over this matter. If pupils are late they should report to the foyer in the lower building, sign the late sheet and sit at a desk in the language room. The person on duty in the office will supervise them until morning prayers have finished and then dismiss them to their classrooms. Parents may wish to stay with younger children.


If a child is unable to attend school, parents must let the school know by 9:00am. It is a legal requirement to record absence as either authorised or unauthorised.


Prayers are a special time in our school, precious for those who love God and want to serve him, therefore we expect sensible and respectful behaviour at all times. Staff should ensure that their classes are ready just before 8:30am. Prayers should finish before 9am. Staff take it in turns to lead prayers, but we also welcome other guests, including parents.

Lesson time

During lesson time if children need to leave the classroom they must only do so if the teacher has given permission. Private study sessions for GCSE pupils are opportunities to do set work. They are not social occasions and GCSE pupils must ensure they have sufficient work for these lessons. There are opportunities to use private study sessions for service in the school. 


Morning Break

Morning break will begin at 10:30am and end promptly at 10:45am. Be prepared for outside play unless it is raining. For the Reception to Y3 pupils labelled snacks should be put into the snack tray. If you have a snack you should take it into the playground and dispose of any packaging in the litter bin. You should use the toilets during this time. The top yard is for Reception – Y3 children only. Ball games are allowed in the bottom yard except on Wednesday lunchtimes. Juniors and Seniors only in the bottom yard. At the end of break, line up with your class before going back to your classroom and preparing for your next lesson.

Wet break times

During wet break times you should remain in the classrooms. Sensible games are encouraged. Staff from each department will supervise pupils in their classrooms.


Each class will remain in their own classrooms and be supervised by the class teacher. Water is provided throughout the day for all children. Fizzy drinks, juices, cup-a-soups and pot noodles are not allowed. There is no provision for the heating of food. Please try to ensure that pupils are sent with food which has age appropriate packaging. We try to make our meal times as pleasant and relaxed as possible. We feel it is important that the children eat properly, enjoy a healthy meal, good conversation, company and rest before the outside playtime with its opportunity to burn off some energy. Meal times must be a peaceful and organised time. Pupils will be dismissed from their classrooms when they have finished their meal (not before 12.30pm but at the latest by 12:35pm). The school cannot provide chilled storage for children’s’ lunchboxes. The GCSE Class may remain in their classroom until 12.45 p.m.

In the Playground

Safety first! Be aware of other children! Do not spoil their games. Aggressive games that involve fighting are not allowed. Do not go ‘out of bounds’. Pick up litter. At the end of each playtime the GCSE class immediately returns to their classroom and prepares for the next lesson. The remainder of the school line up in classes and are dismissed to their classrooms. Lining up is preparation for the next lesson and all pupils are expected to be quiet, gentle and calm.

Wednesday Lunchtime

Wednesday lunchtime with extra adults, pre-school children are busy times. However, the normal routines of the school should be maintained and our families trained to respond appropriately in a large group situation. There is no football in the lower playground. If the staff/parents room becomes crowded additional seating is available in the Junior Classroom. Please help by clearing up after lunch. Please be ready to start the afternoon activity by 1pm. Parents responsible for the lunch duty should be in the playground by 12.30pm at the latest. 

After school

At the end of your lesson clear away your equipment and make sure your desk area and classroom is tidy. Organise your homework. Collect your coat. If you go home on your own please do not remain in the building unnecessarily, leave promptly and remember to behave on your journey home. If you need to wait for your parents please wait quietly in the yard and do not wander around the building or run around outside the gates. Keep off the church garden and be considerate to our neighbours. Football, skateboards and running-around games are not allowed at this busy time. After 2:30pm (12.15pm on Fridays) the school cannot take responsibility for your children, but in an emergency or by prior arrangement we would be happy to help. If ‘unusual’ arrangements have been made for your children then parents must let the class teacher know. If a pupil is not collected on time they will be able to sit in the Junior Classroom (next to the school office) where they will be supervised until their parents arrive.


Each teacher may set homework. We will try to ensure that homework does not dominate out of school time. The shorter school day should provide time for family activities and homework. Parents are encouraged to become involved with the activities and not send children away to get on with their homework. A homework timetable will be produced for each class.

Movement around the School

This must be safe and orderly. Particular care must be taken on the stairs, and senior pupils must be aware of the extra danger they pose to the younger and smaller pupils in confined spaces. Pupils must always ‘give way’ to adults and take every opportunity to show courtesy, good manners and kindness to one another. On stairs – walk quietly and concentrate!

Parents in School

Parents are encouraged to look at their own children’s work and at the work of the school. This may be done before school, during lunchtime and after school. The teachers may be able to discuss work informally at these times or in more detail by arrangement. Occasionally, teachers may speak more formally with parents and arrange a meeting but usually parents are expected to take the initiative in these matters.


All the adults involved with the school need to be involved with the organisation and administration of the school. A happy and efficient day at Bethany begins at home with parents ensuring that they and their children know what the teachers and the other families in the school expect from them.