R E W A R D S  A N D  S A N C T I O N S

Rewards and Sanctions

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus says that those who do good are pleasing to God and that He will reward them openly (Matt 6:1-4). Also, Luke 23:41 tells us that the thief acknowledged that he was receiving a just reward for his deeds. At Bethany School we have a system of rewards and punishments.


Expecting and rewarding good behaviour is the norm in Bethany School (see Good Behaviour and the Discipline Policy).


Praise for good work and kind action plays an important part in every aspect of home and school life. In school this is treated more formally in Friday’s extended ‘Good Work’ assembly. Also, particularly with the younger classes, special treats are used as a reward for hard work and endeavour. Sometimes, more tangible rewards (e.g. prizes) will be awarded. Special Family Afternoons are also used as a ‘whole school’ reward for a good term or extra special effort. Green Report Sheets may be sent home if a child’s work, behaviour or attitude is particularly commendable.


A Next Steps Sheet may be used more frequently to report information to parents.


When a child misbehaves he is given a verbal reprimand and we require an apology and a commitment to future good behaviour. Repeated bad behaviour or more serious misconduct may result in separation from the other pupils at break-time/lunchtime and/or extra work. Pupils who still do not respond appropriately will be sent to the Head Teacher and this could result in an entry in the school Punishment Book. This is a formal record of persistent/serious misbehaviour. These measures may not always be reported to parents but if there are further causes for concern Blue Report Sheets will be sent home and parents may be asked to come to school to discuss the problem. We do consider a child who persists in committing ‘minor’ offences to be a serious strain on the discipline in the school and parents will be informed and expected to deal vigorously with such matters.


The Blue Report Sheets have a reply slip, which should be sent back to school by return.


Occasionally children (Secondary pupils only) will be required to attend an after school detention (Tuesday or Thursday) if other measures have not brought about improvements. Parents are informed in advance. This is a serious disciplinary measure.


The Head Teacher may exclude children for a specified period. This may be for persistent lapses in ‘minor’ matters or for a single serious incident (e.g. fighting, vandalism, racism, bullying, and aggression). All exclusions are serious and may be for 2/3 days or for 5 days. A five-day exclusion would usually be cause for intervention by Governors and the possible withdrawal of a place in Bethany School.


Where continued problems cause distress to the teacher, other pupils, or other adults, parents would be expected to withdraw the child from school, deal with serious matters of misconduct in their home and suggest to the school the basis on which the child should return. Agreement between all parties would see the child welcomed back into school but with the clear understanding of the severe consequences of further inappropriate behaviour.


A formal “Governors’ Warning” will be given when other disciplinary methods have not brought about the desired improvement in behaviour. Ultimately, the Governors reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place in Bethany School.


We place great emphasis on the fact that “…each one’s work will become manifest; for the day will declare it…” 1 Cor 3:13 and exhort the children to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ with “gold, silver and precious stones” rather than “wood, hay and straw” so that they understand that “If anyone’s work… endures, he will receive a reward. If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss…” (1 Cor 3:11-17) In any event, we wish to mirror in the school the loving, effective, discipline of the Christian home and consistently reinforce the biblical principles of discipline and care which operate within our families.


The school’s ‘Good Behaviour and the Discipline Policy’ is available on request.

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