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A B O U T   B E T H A N Y   S C H O O L

Mr. Charles, Headteacher


I started my professional career as a structural engineer, working for a Sheffield firm of consulting engineers. Some time later, after spending a couple of years in Bangladesh working as a VSO volunteer involved with the construction of a Christian hospital, I decided to take the plunge into teaching. I feel honoured to call myself a teacher and it has been my great privilege to have been part of Bethany School since 2001, and to serve our Lord here.


Although my headship of Bethany School has come about due to the sad passing of our sister Judith Baxter, it is a real pleasure to continue the great work done by her.


​I look forward to meeting you.

Mrs. Ireland, Deputy Head 


I qualified as a teacher in 2003 and have worked in Reception and Year 1 in four different schools in Sheffield and Rotherham. I absolutely love teaching, and get to see our youngest childrens’ enthusiasm, resilience and skills develop as they play and learn day by day. Since working at Bethany School I have been privileged to point our children to Jesus as we learn about God’s world together and see that His word is relevant in every area of the curriculum. I have recently been appointed as Deputy Headteacher and am excited to serve the school community in this new role.

Bethany School, Sheffield, Christian Family Schools

We intend that Bethany should remain a small, friendly school run by and for the parents and children involved with the school... here for more

Bethany School Sheffield, Christian Family Schools

Back in 1986 a small group of parents got together and formed a steering committee with the aim of opening a Christian School in September 1987... here for more

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